About this space

who am i?§

Hi! I'm Artem. I've been professionally doing software since 2007 and hacking has been my hobby since my father brought us a Poisk in the early 90s.

I've been a web UI developer when Internet Explorer 5 was still present and never looked back at this since then. I worked as a programmer with PHP, Python, Go, then as a DevOps engineer, a Team Lead and a Technical Lead.

Today I'm the Head of Cloud at the API management company called Tyk. This space and everything I'm posting in it is unaffiliated with my employer.

While I don't code a lot at work anymore, it's still my hobby. But it's not the only one. I love learning new things, so I tend to pick up a subject and make something with it. I like learning at least one new thing every day — however big, small, important or useless it was and whatever was the subject.

In this space I'm going to publish my discoveries and random thoughts once in a while. Hopefully, this doesn't fail too soon ;)

I live in a small village community not far from Kyiv, in Ukraine. Please consider supporting the people of Ukraine!

reaching out§

  • email: artem at hluvchynskyi dot com
  • linkedin: excieve
  • github: excieve

These days my schedule is rather painful — I'm sorry in advance if I'm not replying quickly.

this space§

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